Yes, it's “Release Day”!

Fürst In The Dirt !

Pink 12" Vinyl ready for spinning!

So, I’m sitting here this afternoon reflecting for just a couple of minutes, amidst the madness of today and I find myself thinking…it’s really here. It’s actually physically and digitally floating around in the world, not just on 1” tape and a vinyl master, or bits and bytes on a hard drive. It’s actually here. It’s out! It’s being listened to. This is fantastic! All that hard work that I and so many people around me put into this thing all meant something. It happened. It’s happening! It’s extremely exciting, liberating and, can I just admit, a HUGE relief! It feels close to what I felt on my wedding day or the three times I saw one of my children for the first time…wow, finally the buildup is over, the tension is gone, now we get to DO this! Yep, new records, weddings and kids. They’re kinda like hotdogs and brautwürst. Similar but different. ...Well, maybe it's poor comparison but anyway. 

At Playground Sound with Cosmic Thug Thugging like they do.

It’s been a long winding rocky road to get here but every stumble, slip, excitement and joy along the way has been worth it and I’m really excited to share this record with everyone who wants to check it out, one by one. It’s a great day en nuestra casa and I’m so fortunate to have had such a big group of people involved in these last several years to get me here. I’m going to thank every one of them, and those of you who already sent me a note, went and downloaded, pre-ordered or shared on your social media, played a track for your friends, or just cranked it up on your morning commute huge thanks to you too. That is AWESOME! Thanks for helping to make it such a great day for me.

And of course the shameless plug (not least of which because I’m really proud of this record), purchase info is over on the “buy” page. More indie stores will be added over the next few weeks beginning in Southern California and spreading out like a swarm of butterflies, so stay tuned. 

My love and respect to you all. Muchísimas gracias a mi compadrés! - Patrick xo