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© Wharfechild (Cat. No. WRC-001)

© Wharfechild (Cat. No. WRC-001)

Fürst In The Dirt
(Patrick Dennis)

There's an undeniable, free-spirit and reckless energy unleashed over the course of the album's 12 songs devoted to love and life rediscovered, all in one breath, following the breakup of his bands--Southern California's beloved Truckee Brothers and his punk-roots band Wirepony--a divorce, and the financial complications that come from such events. In the midst of it all, DENNIS was falling in love on the West Coast while Nashville beckoned with an opportunity for work---an affirmation of sorts that sometimes life's misfortunes beget gifts and choices, even without any maps or guarantees along the road to blissfulness. 



Kissing the Beast
The Last Drop
Burn and Shine
Hit of You


Picking Up the Silver
Love Is a Bomb
Josephine Baker
Life Or Luck
Because of You

CREDITS : Engineered & Produced by Adam Landry and Justin Collins; Recorded at Playground Sound, Nashville, TN; on 1" 8-track tape - exactly 1/2 of God's Recording Format (1/2 GRF); Mastering  John Baldwin; Patrick Dennis Guitars, Vocals, Percussion, Keys; Adam Landry Bass, Guitars, Drums; Rob Crowell Keys, Bass, Drums, Guitar; Justin Collins Vocals, Guitar; Matt Lynott Drums, Keys; Cindy Wasserman Vocals; Cover Painting P Jay Fidler; Sleeve Photo Jim Herrington; Art Design Patrick Dennis.