Rolling Tape

I snuck a shot of the tape rolling on the recording sessions at Playground Sound in Nashville, TN where we're in the thick of working on my debut full length solo-album. Producing with Cosmic Thug is proving to be not only the right fit, but the music is coming out in a flood of ideas and sounds. Studio all day, then home at night to write for the next day's session with a little good food tossed in between. And to top it off, my old Truckee Brothers bandmate, Matt Lynott agreed to join us for the duration so we're like a four armed Quad-clops on steroids.

I love that guy. He's helped carry me through a lot. Inspiring. Inventive. And funny as hell. All I know is we are on our way. All our asses are wigglin'. What a blast. The excitement mounts.