Abbey Road Recording For Love Hope Strength Foundation Released

Back in September I had the honor of taking part in a recording at Abbey Road Studios in London led by Mike Peters of The Alarm in support of his Love Hope Strength Foundation. My partner in crime, Cindy Wasserman of Dead Rock West and I contributed a verse to what would become the longest song ever recorded, laid to tape in a half a dozen cities around the world. The track was conceived by Mike Peters in an effort to raise money and awareness for a new blood transfusion anti-cancer treatment that has helped him in his own fierce and inspiring battle with Leukemia, with the money being raised going directly to a program in Israel to bring the treatment to Luekemia sufferers across the entire Middle East, making the double edged point of crossing borders and saving lives. 

Abbey Road was the final day of recording where Cindy, myself and a host of Alarm friends, fans and family gathered to put voices, guitars, and words on the track and support the cause contributing some cash and music to the cause. Cindy and I wrote a verse especially for the occasion, finishing the lyric on the plane over. We then found ourselves standing in the middle of legendary Studio 2 the with just a guitar and our voices laying it down for the cause. It was turned out to be a very special day, singing at Abbey Road, meeting new friends, and being able to give something back to a man who's band had a direct impact on my first tentative steps into being a musician.

All proceeds from the sales of the recording are in support of the Unrelated Marrow Donor Registry of Hadassah ℅ Ein Karem Medical Centre, Jeruslaem, Israel which is dedicated to saving lives throughout the Middle East.

Released as a double CD, the track is now available for purchase, so please go find out more about Love Hope Strength, how Mike Peters created this inspiring project and get your copy, contributing to effecting change in challenged lives and troubled places.