Patrick Dennis re-launches Wharfechild as a full-service Creative House. 


"Musician and Creative Director Patrick Dennis is expanding on his Wharfechild Recording Co. by launching a Creative House, aptly named Wharfechild, who's mission will be to help disrupt, engage and inspire audiences for socially concerned Artists and Brands. 

Combining his years as a music producer, creative director, artist, and writer finally under one umbrella, Patrick is looking to Wharfechild to help inspire a future that grows beyond our ideas of isolation and division, working with ideas of collaboration in order to create and market new products and ideas. Working with our client-brands and using their marketing efforts as the launching point, Wharfechild will help to re-think how business and audiences grow by listening and learning from each other, inviting discussion, collaboration and understanding in the process.  

“We will engage with audiences in new and inspiring ways, revealing a brand’s social DNA while expanding its presence in the world. And we'll use art, film and music as the tools to get there. Doing good and being in business is not mutually exclusive. If your brand has a [true soul], finding new ways to share that [soul] will help you to connect on a much deeper level with your audience. …And if it doesn’t have a soul than you probably don’t want us coming anywhere near you.“  

It’s been Patrick’s dream for years to create a home for Art, Philosophy, Social Change and Business Leaders to find new ways to combine their efforts and thrive bringing both growth and change to the wider world. A place where these leaders could collaborate, growing and learning from each other. Wharfechild, which began as a music publisher and a record label for Patrick’s own releases, will not only continue to distribute that work but will also begin releasing a new series of work from other Artists, Musicians and Writers in 2019 and beyond. 

For more information please contact Jessica McIntosh, Head of Business Development at or visit us as we launch online at”