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Patrick Dennis re-launches Wharfechild as a full-service Creative House. 

"Musician and Creative Director Patrick Dennis is expanding on his Wharfechild Recording Co. by launching a Creative House, aptly named Wharfechild, who's mission will be to help disrupt, engage and inspire audiences for socially concerned Artists and Brands. 

Combining his years as a music producer, creative director, artist, and writer finally under one umbrella, Patrick is looking to Wharfechild to help inspire a future that grows beyond our ideas of isolation and division, working with ideas of collaboration in order to create and market new products and ideas. Working with our client-brands and using their marketing efforts as the launching point, Wharfechild will help to re-think how business and audiences grow by listening and learning from each other, inviting discussion, collaboration and understanding in the process.  

“We will engage with audiences in new and inspiring ways, revealing a brand’s social DNA while expanding its presence in the world. And we'll use art, film and music as the tools to get there. Doing good and being in business is not mutually exclusive. If your brand has a [true soul], finding new ways to share that [soul] will help you to connect on a much deeper level with your audience. …And if it doesn’t have a soul than you probably don’t want us coming anywhere near you.“  

It’s been Patrick’s dream for years to create a home for Art, Philosophy, Social Change and Business Leaders to find new ways to combine their efforts and thrive bringing both growth and change to the wider world. A place where these leaders could collaborate, growing and learning from each other. Wharfechild, which began as a music publisher and a record label for Patrick’s own releases, will not only continue to distribute that work but will also begin releasing a new series of work from other Artists, Musicians and Writers in 2019 and beyond. 

For more information please contact Jessica McIntosh, Head of Business Development at or visit us as we launch online at”

New Video to Support Cindy Wasserman Fund

A video for ‘Because Of You' from Patrick Dennis' 'Fürst In The Dirt' album debuts today, December 30th.  It is being released in support of the Cindy Wasserman Sweet Relief Musicians Fund which has been launched to help his wife and fellow singer, Cindy Wasserman, cover a portion of the mounting costs of her breast cancer treatment. The video was directed by Patrick as a sort of “sister/cousin” to the ‘Kissing The Beast’ video which Cindy appeared in as "the beast" and again shooting on Super8 film with Cindy appearing in the beginning of the clip. Featured on the track are the Fürst band Adam Landry, Justin Collins & Rob Crowell with special guest old Truckee Brothers band mate Matt Lynott on drums this time.

"This one's for my dear sweet wife, Cindy, who's finally home from her heavy touring schedule in 2015 and now hard at work learning how to heal from her breast cancer. ‘Because Of You’ was the first song that I wrote in Nashville for the 'Fürst In The Dirt' record and since the song is about her it seems a fitting way to add my muscle to the public fund-raising that is happening in her name. We’ve been learning an awful lot about this disease since her diagnosis. Some days it can feel overwhelming, but Cindy is such a spark of positivity and determination through all of this, and so many people have rallied to encourage and educate us on how to heal from this that I am inspired and very confident that she will fully heal. 

The Sweet Relief organization has been incredibly supportive in setting up the Cindy Wasserman Sweet Relief Musicians Fund to help her cover some of the medical expenses already pouring in due to the process of dealing with the cancer treatments. Heck, even the cancer diagnosis is expensive and so little, we are finding, is covered by our insurance. My buddies from Cosmic Thug, Adam Landry and Justin Collins as well as Rob Crowell (Deer Tick) and my old Truckee Brothers bandmate Matt Lynott (The White Buffalo) are all on the track too and helping to spread the word about Cindy’s Fund, so I hope that you'll be able to share both the video and Cindy’s Sweet Relief link with your people, whether you have an email list or social media followers on the interwebs. Every little bit helps her! Thank you for all your support through this! 

She will heal from this with love and commitment from all of us and Because of You! I need her sticking around for the next 40 years or so to keep me on track. A very very Happy 2016 to everyone and thank you for all the amazing support so far. We can't thank you enough!"

- Patrick xo

Please take a minute to learn more about Cindy’s cancer diagnosis and the Cindy Wasserman Sweet Relief Musicians Fund:

Sweet Relief Cindy Wasserman Fund

> 'Because Of You' on YouTube

ON AIR AT 91X & FM 94/9

I went on air last night, along with new band member Bill Driskill, in San Diego at both 91X and 94/9 FM to talk about our first show coming up this weekend debuting the new songs from 'Fürst In The Dirt' live for the first time and supporting the legendary John Doe at San Diego's equally legendary Casbah.

We met some great new San Diego bands, saw dear old friends, ate killer sandwiches, drank tequila and laughed hard and loud along with Mr Tim Pyles over at 91X and TJ over at 94/9. They spun 6 songs in total from the new album and surprised me with their choices. Pleasantly.

It's great to be back in San Diego.

- PD 

Photo: Will Von Bolton

Photo: Will Von Bolton

An interview I did with with writer and broadcaster Jim Villanueva all about the new record. Yes, it's more "blah blah blah" from me, but I have to thank Jim for such an enjoyable chat (it was supposed to be 10 minutes but we both just kept gabbing away for over an hour) and for pointing a few things out to me about my record that I hadn't even considered! 

And a little background on Jim. He was the Program Director at Southern California's KLOS radio station in it's heyday, a station that I grew up listening to. Apart from great tunes, they'd manage to broadcast these fantastic live shows live from the LA venues that I could only imagine about at 14. Really great to talk to him and say thanks.

I enjoyed the chat. I hope that you do too. 


'Scriptures' enters Guinness Book Of World Records!

It was announced today by Mike Peters of The Alarm and his Love Hope Strength Foundation, that the song, 'Scriptures' that a host of talented people and supporters contributed to last September has achieved Guinness BOWR status! Myself and Cindy Wasserman were honored to have written and sang chapter 12 of 72 chapters with Mike and Co at Abbey Road Studios in London. So after taking a second to 'Pat' ourselves on the back I now ask YOU to get involved, learn about WHY we recorded the track and download it, buy the CD, spread it all around.

All proceeds from the sales of the recording are in support of the Unrelated Marrow Donor Registry of Hadassah ℅ Ein Karem Medical Centre, Jeruslaem, Israel which is dedicated to saving lives throughout the Middle East through the use of a revolutionary blood cancer treatment. The only agenda is to ignore ethnic and political boundaries and treat ALL who need it in the Middle East, bringing potential healing in a whole lot of spectacular ways.

For info on the session you can read my entry here and to get involved with this inspiring project please follow these links:





Cover Art for 'Fürst In The Dirt' by P Jay Fidler

I have to call out the cover art for the new album because it was painted by my friend and renowned artist, P Jay Fidler. I love his images and the complex stories they tell and this cover in particular. The image is hand hewn, organic and a little twisted just like the music on the record and I'm exceptionally proud that he wanted to do it. P Jay and I met a number of years ago when the Truckee Brothers approached him to do the cover for our 'Double Happiness" album, which I still think is a classic cover, and we became fast buddies as a result. It's great to have a member of the extended family involved in the visuals like this.

And I'm very excited that the result is going to end up on 12" vinyl jackets and printed by one of the best print houses in the business! I can't wait to share it with you on June 19th. 

- Patrick

'Kissing The Beast' DEBUTS on

The brand new video for 'Kissing The Beast' from the new album, 'Fürst In The Dirt' is debuting on today. It stars my fancy friends and I, Adam Landry, Justin Collins and Rob Crowell sweating it out in the basement of my friends the Smoking Flowers' house in East Nashville. Diffuser has some awfully nice things to say about it too. 

Watch it HERE.

We Have A Completed Solo Album!

Photo by Stacie Huckeba

Justin Collins, Patrick, Adam Landry & Rob Crowell. Photo by Stacie Huckeba

Cindy Wasserman & Lulu Landry. Photo by Stacie Huckeba.

Evidence. Photo by Stacie Huckeba.

Photo by Stacie Huckeba

This week has been charmed to say the least. I came back to Nashville to finish what I'd started in 2012 with the lads known as Cosmic Thug, Adam Landry and Justin Collins. The work that began before I relocated from Nashville back to LA, broke my hand and was slammed with a strange writer's block in 2013. We not only finished what we started but exceeded my every expectation, writing and recording another album's worth of new songs. I'm listening to the final mixes of what will be my first ever solo record right now and realizing that somehow, together, we made the record that I've dreamed of making since I was a teenager staring out the window in math class, drawing pictures on and scribbling lyric on my jeans distractedly. In the process I've become a believer in the Neil Young method of recording I'll tell you. Record only around a full moon. And as they tell me this one is a "Blood Moon". Whatever that means. But something truly happened this week in a small studio in Nashville, Tennessee. I'm grateful that I was able to be there to be a part of it.

Like I said, this will be the first album that will come out under my own name, probably sometime later this year. I guess that makes it a solo album in name, but I could not have done it without Adam Landry, Justin Collins, Rob Crowell, Cindy Wasserman & Matt Lynott and the contributions of the Nashville string quartet, Zach CaseboltLarissa MaestroEmily KohaviEleonore Denig. This was a true collaboration, switching instruments, tossing out ideas, laughing, writing on the fly, the whole nine yards. Possibly the most enjoyable collaboration I've ever had the pleasure of being a part of, and if you know me, you know that I live to collaborate. The joy of writing and recording a new song, having Robbie go off to write an string arrangement for it the night before the quartet was due and then to sit between the Viola and the Cello the next day hearing his work for the first time as it is laid down to tape will be an unforgettable memory as long as I live. I was giddy like a schoolboy meeting Pele for the first time (wait a minute I did that.). That lad Rob is sick talented! For a Canadian he's got soul coming outta his every pore. Deer Tick and Diamond Rugs are very blessed to have his talent on board.

It's been a long 5 year journey of life upheavals and changes that have shaken me to the core and forced a "review and rebuild" of self and action but well worth the personal growth to become ready to be part of unearthing this gem of a record. This crew that I find myself in have challenged and drawn something more out of me as a songwriter and I'm already thinking about the next record. There will be another with these guys. Adam and Justin make records that will stand the test of time and I am proud to now be a part of their already illustrious canon. Who knows what will happen in the years to come, but this is one record that as an old man I will pour myself two fingers of tequila, drop needle on and kick back with great memories and pride in the collaboration that made this one happen. For that I am grateful to whatever powers that be and to the friends and my sweet patient love, Cindy, who have all helped me realize this dream.

I look forward to sharing it with you.


(Photos by Stacie Huckeba)

Rolling Tape

I snuck a shot of the tape rolling on the recording sessions at Playground Sound in Nashville, TN where we're in the thick of working on my debut full length solo-album. Producing with Cosmic Thug is proving to be not only the right fit, but the music is coming out in a flood of ideas and sounds. Studio all day, then home at night to write for the next day's session with a little good food tossed in between. And to top it off, my old Truckee Brothers bandmate, Matt Lynott agreed to join us for the duration so we're like a four armed Quad-clops on steroids.

I love that guy. He's helped carry me through a lot. Inspiring. Inventive. And funny as hell. All I know is we are on our way. All our asses are wigglin'. What a blast. The excitement mounts.