Another Gone Day

Jay Bennett
I feel like I am sparked to write one of these more often about someone I have only known briefly but who's influence was immense on me. And they seem to crawl like beached Marines closer and closer to me and my own age. Friends, comrades, strangers. In my universe a part of the fabric of my own song has left the building. Jay Bennett.

It sparks memories of stage lights, dank clubs, a musician, a drunken melodian, undeniably brilliant, pedantic in the moment, cantankerous, self focused, powerful in his craft and his respect for that craft, his reverential regard for Woody Guthrie, his consumption of beer bottles (lots of 'em). Insisting that the Woody lyric be done right this time. Start over damnit. Gracious? Not so much. Talent. Immense. Annoyingly immense. Rough alcohol wasted voice. Truth in his notes. Such truth. A master craftsman of the highest order. Elegant in his note structure. Gone. Looking for the answers he didn't find here. For Jay. Part of the fabric now. Thank you for everything.

*This is an official photo possibly shot by Sam Jones but I am not certain. It is not one of mine, however, and would appreciate of anyone knows the correct photo credit.