Beck in Black

Morning road
So I'm a bit slow on the uptake. I know the history. I've heard the tunes. I appreciate the contribution. I know his "importance" But now I HEAR it! Jeff Beck's guitar has finally started talking to ME. The voice coming at me suddenly gripped and grabbed my gut. Told me something about his life, his humanity. The Beck's touch slight, controlled and intense. His band breathing with him in and out as complete as tantric connection. Had me immediately phoning my guitar slinging son who, turns out, is already "there" way ahead of his pop. Probably been working on Jeff licks for months, the talented bugger.

...Only took an induction into the rock n roll hall of fame for me to get on that train!

*The views expressed above in no way have anything whatsoever to do with the black and white photo of the California pines included in this post. The royal "we" acknowledge the oddity and incongruity of the two and embrace it like a bee hive to a bear's chest.