Cooling the Fire

Repacking 20 + years of books full of my personal writing and scribble sketches getting ready to box 'em up, move 'em out and toss the rubbish. Can lead to a long, rough, emotional day. The kind you want to roll up, crush down and stuff in the full trash can parked out on the curb. Just be shot of it. Get yourself sauced and try again tomorrow. Pick up another day "down the pub" and take it home for a good rogering.

Then without warning you lay your hands on a bound tome and peeling it open land right on this page. The fires cool and the frustrations dissipate as the page gives you a good shaking and a simple quote from a three year old girl that makes you think for a minute before you start to " this up in your mind".

Kids can drive you insane with frustration, and then...they'll make you smile without even trying