In The Clouds

Ok. I have an obsession with clouds in the sky. I admit it. Some would say it's obvious, my tour mates especially. I've got my head up there (in the clouds that is).

I'll often spend hours staring out the van window as they change floating off into a zen-like peace feeling humble and connected all at once. Like I can see what they are seeing. Watching them slowly alter their form while being pushed across the sky by the high winds in West Texas, Washington, Colorado or the Southern California desert. Some personal favorites. They get so wide and wild out there.

Maybe it comes from the Yorkshire Dales where I volunteered as a youth, digging ditches, repairing river banks and dodging bulls. Where lunch time was spent munching on sausage rolls, drinking hot tea from a flask and harassing the guy with the curry 'n' lager hangover. Meanwhile clouds would slowly emerge, morph from little wisps of smoke scattered above the hills to become huge dark menaces threatening to engulf the entire earth in just a matter of minutes...then those same clouds would decide to start chucking it down like god's own wrath and we'd run for cover in the Land Rover! Maybe that's why weather equals life's own energy to me.

Anyway, this is a shot from the courtyard of Maria's Taco Express in Austin, TX taken at this year's SXSW festival. Alejandro Escovedo and his brother Mario happened to be standing next to me at that moment ready to go on. And where was I? Head in the clouds. See? Friends, love, music and food are up there too.