Wild Flower

Late evening drive. Dark streets. Scattered lamplight. Long day. Exhausted. Ready to lay down my head. Beg off going out. Sleep instead of swing. Then turn on the radio in the car. Almost never anything good. But this time I hear it. The Cult. One song. That guitar. The tone. The "Yeeaaa!". Then a second song. It's the Electric album. In its entirety. On air. Loud and radio wave compressed. Sonically perfect. Some of the most amazingly concise riffs in rock 'n' roll ever writ. Wakes up my bones. Electrifies my veins. Clears my head like lightning on Young Frankenstein's Monster. I'm ALIVE!

My foot pushes a little harder down onto the gas pedal. I tear down the California highway. Singing along at top of my tired hungry lungs for the rest of the sparse traffic going my way. I pull off the highway onto the side streets and speed up the hill. Past the houses. Past the driveways. Children fast asleep inside dreaming of their own Wild Things in the trees. Coming for them. Well, maybe not asleep anymore.

I tear down a short side street. There in the distance I see a series of moving shapes. Small and close to the ground behind a parked car. And now they are starting across the road right up ahead and in front of me. I'll be on them in 5 seconds. Slamming breaks. Just in time. It looks like a group off cats ahead. No. Tails too big. But there are small shapes of whatever-they-are surrounded by two larger ones. The large ones move protectively like kinder sergeant majors moving the troop across the street. Like parents.

Ian Astbury warns me right then "...Look out, here she comes. Look out, here she comes Yeah!" Then my lights hit them. It is a family. Small animals. And then the stripes give it away. It's a troop of large bushy tailed neighborhood scenting skunks. Kids and minders. All arses to my car in defiance ushering the young 'uns over to the other side. Defiant of my noise, my size, my threat. Beautiful. Odd. Unexpected. Perfect. Never seen anything like it. My moment.

Unconcerned by my gawking they lope away calmly, disappearing up into the side roads and the darkness.

"Drive on baby, through the electric night..."