Nuts & Bolts

Steve Poltz and Patrick
Had a dream early this morning. Remembering all my dreams lately. Kinda sending me a bit loopy. I really need the film in my head to turn off. Close the festival early and take a 2 week holiday. But this one had to do with me moving this week. And as it happens, I actually am. The kids have a great new house to roam around in (well more like a large shoebox really but I AM a songwriter so...), but there's ALOT to do and I'm just the man to head the work team. So, in my dream the entire "moving party" shows up including the mighty Cady/Hoffee and tour manager Modl, who for some strange reason, is not running things efficiently but is just hanging in the shadows. Perhaps because I was the "leader" (insert silly voice) in this enterprise. Well anyway, I needed a special screw and bolt to repair something. Some piece of furniture, cabinetry, door. I never knew or told myself. So, having assembled the team in a late night bar (!?!), I march us out of there and into the next door lumber store for the much needed screws. Standing in the old circa 70's shop, supplies stored behind the slightly dusty counter as well as the owner himself and his slow impatient assistant serving me...slowly. So I'm standing there going through nuts and bots in the boxes and in my brain trying to find just the right combination. The details of which I had forgotten to bring with me (Of course!). My "crew" is standing with me at the counter just talking loudly amongst themselves occasionally prodding me to hurry up, along with the store assistant who wants to close and go home. (Beginning to wonder if this is that tour stop in Arkansas being replayed with me looking for tools in a very small town shop while the van waited and the locals stared...??). In the confused noise I hear someone say "Hey Steve" and someone answers back "Hey". I keep on with my mission not paying attention til it suddenly registers in my screw addled brain and I turn around. There in the flesh, carrying his walking smile and his suitcases, straight from his plane flight from Australia was Poltz! From airport direct to the lumber store he was there ready to pitch in with the move. I throw my arms around him and give him a great big surprised and long over due hug. My brother in life. My friend. My compadre.

I think I really miss Steve Poltz.