Iran, brothers and sisters

Today all I can write are my thoughts of those who have stepped out into danger to speak their own voice. Who will tomorrow meet in protest of their own government facing the rumor of guns and crack downs and knowing of disappearances, deaths and "questioning" already of political workers, art students and outspoken voices. Their cell phones cut. Their lives potentially threatened. Connection with the world outside their borders thin and only possible through seemingly frivolously comical technology like twitter which brings proof of our human determination to use whatever we can to break free of oppression and intolerance from our own.

Thank the efforts of hackers all over the world for keeping these lines and servers from Iran open. If we can help the hackers, we should. If we can spread the word, we should. If we can support in any way, we should. This is people to people, not government to government. This is the truth and the danger of democracy. The cost and the true power. Humanity, not rhetoric. Not political positioning, These people are our brothers and sisters and we owe them our awe and respect facing what we have never have had to. They will step out into the possibility of deadly confrontation in for speaking their minds. We must pick up the pressure in the next 24 hours to make it clear that we are watching and will be there alongside them in spirit.

In the time it has taken me to write this entry (5 minutes), 937 more tweets about #iranelection have been posted with news, articles, video, feeds and more.

None of this will go unnoticed.

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