Traveling. Found out about Walter Cronkite as we jumped into the van this morning. Tough writing my thoughts on this phone i'm forced to blog from but he was THE first television memory from my childhood.

We moved from England when I was little and my father, a grower, would work long hours but always try and make it home for dinner every evening. He'd walk in our little place up on the hill, crack open a beer and turn on the CBS evening news. I'd come sit beside him and together we'd learn about this new country we had come to and the happenings in the outside world. It was a bonding every evening with my trusted Uncle Walter. The voice you could trust. The other family member.

Around about 15 minutes in I'd ask for a sip of beer from my dad's can. Some nights he'd say yes and I'd try and get the biggest gulp I could snake before he took it away and other times he'd just say "not right now". Usually when my mom was around.

Together we'd watch Walter and learn. He was our friend. Our teacher. Our gathering point.

It was one of my saddest days when he retired and any time I saw him after that I was enthralled.

There was never any replacement for him. He was and remains the marker for integrity and the drive the be the best. To make the work count.

Thanks Uncle Walter from a little boy in a whole new world.