Dialogue Then and Now.

Movies. Old ones. The angles. The dialogue. Oh the Dialogue. Like the William Faulkner written screenplay from the Raymond Chandler novel starring Bogart and Bacall in "The Big Sleep" from 1946 (actually shot in 1944 but held til '46 in favour of war films being rush released before the end of both the European and the Pacific wars.). One of the top 10 in any sane person's film dialog list. Damn. Amazing lines. And the sex oozing out of the two. ...makes me want to become a private dick...I mean detective.

Why can't writers write like that anymore? Huh? At least I'm not seeing many of them hanging around our movie studios and certainly not at the TV production houses. Do we have to get less adroit at the slice and parry with each generation? If the reality television has anything to do with it I'd say so. Or do they just not let those talents in the door anymore? They might be too much for our mealy minds to take, trained to suck up cheaper "reality" instead.

Well like, don't look at me! I'm obviously primed to be a grumpy old man frowning on everything that ain't top quality. Is it wrong to want to see and hear true impassioned thought? A commitment to challenging an art form? Not just mediocrity poured over yesterday's curdled milk. Somebody take the remote out of my hands...!