Firing before considering

You know, being a good gunfighter in the American West involved being quick with that pistol. Knowing how fast you could deliver the power of your Peacemaker 6-shooter and take down that bad guy (or good guy depending what side of the law you found yourself on). You had to be not only quick but quicker than the other guy. But to be a great gunfighter also took restraint. Knowing when NOT to shoot. Knowing when the cost was not worth the action. Not worth the initial satisfaction. You had to know when to keep the gun in the holster.

I'm not really sure what I think of blogging and posting songs sketches, prose ideas and random shots as they are happening. Sometimes it captures a great powerful moment, other times it can be a case of shooting the wrong guy before even thinking. That is, before I've had a chance to digest them and see whether I even stand by the sentiment or emotion. In the oven heat of the moment I may write something that I believe to be an absolute truth and that I feel oh so strongly. Four days later it might have nothing more to do with my actual outlook. It was exorcised. It was meant to only live a day, like a premature baby that breathes the air of the outside world, looks you squarely in the eyes, giving you a glimpse of the real truth in her face, and then quietly leaves you to live what you learned in that short moment. To deal with the results. Only for you. Like a moment of therapeutic realization and then it is over.

So, my question to myself is, does such a piece belong in the public forum on this site? Well, 3 of the 5 of you reading might say yes and the other 2 may see my predicament. I don't know that I can post so quickly again. Not sure because I also don't believe in too much editing of a moment. You begin to lose the heart of the matter and THEN where's the point in that?

Maybe I'm beginning to make the transition from a decent gunfighter to a good one. In time maybe I'll become a great one. I'll have to consider my aim a bit more carefully next time.

So instead, here's an old track that was never released when I was on Cargo records USA.

Taking Flight (mp3 7mb)

Enjoy. P