Get thee Behind me Curmudgeon

Club Soundcheck, Mobile AL
WHAT a blow hard! That last post even made ME wonder about MYSELF. Opinionated so and so!

SO, in order to make amends to myself and, frankly, all of you who bothered to read the last crap post, I have set myself the task of setting up a rather ingenious little recording outfit using all I have at hand. A couple of small tube amps, a selection of boutique pedals, an old 4-track reel to reel I bought for $15 all set up on the closest table tops I can find. Time to stop bitching and start slinging my own hammer. Limitations my friends. Songs. And teaching myself to shut up and get down to work. I'll post as I go.

Meanwhile, I HAVE to tell you about THIS one! My brother, Atom (Cady Truckee) has just released an AMAZING new track...

Friends Fur Life