Truckee Brothers in new book

Along with the Clash, Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Husker Du, The Fall, George Harrison and more, my old outfit Truckee Brothers is featured in a new book on music with some very heady words said. In "The Music Obsessives Guide to Life", forward by Henry Rollins, author Joel Freimark has the cajones to say " is abundantly clear that TBs were far beyond almost any other band on the planet in every area of musical creation...there is literally nothing from the past decade of recorded music that can stand on the same plane...". And this is a book that includes Songs in the Key of Life! Geez Louise. The book is actually a great collection of entries arranged to encourage firing up the album in question, reading the entry and settling in for the duration of the record. I'm already enjoying checking out some that I've never heard, and re-checking some old favorites. Perfect book for an obsessive like me.

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