Singing on new Poltz Record

Denim Brothers. Photo Megan Breen.

I just popped in our copy of the new Steve Poltz CD, The Accident, that he gave me when we ran into him in Austin last week, telling me that he was giving me the first ever copy (I've heard that one before). Looking at the credits just now, well blow me down, my name is there right underneath my sweetheart, Cindy's. I'd almost forgotten that I was pulled into the room to shout "monkeys coming outta my ass" over and over for Lars Goransson when he was here last Spring. I mean I've done it at least 50 times live with Steve with no "tape" running so I could have been asleep when I did it. But no, I remember it was a beautiful sunny day here in LA, the flowers were blooming, Cindy and Lars were recording sweet harmonies as Steve's voice floated out over the garden, and I was thinking about how my right hand itched in that cast I was wearing since shattering my knuckle just a couple weeks before. It was a good day even if I was trying to ignore when and if I'd be able to play again, and forget abut the half finished record I had waiting for me back in Nashville. It was a beautiful day. I remember it.  I got to sing "monkeys comin outta my ass".  And for that alone you should buy it. But on top of that, this album is balls to the wall rock n roll, like the sweaty punk that Poltz and I came up loving and the stuff he made his early reputation on. It's definitely NSFW, but hey, what's life without a little dirt?

So that makes it 250+ shows and now two recorded tracks (not counting the lost Poltz/Truckee Brothers album tucked deep in an underground archive vault somewhere watched over by 24 hour armed guards) that I've had the pleasure of playing on with my old friend. It's been a long musical union that mostly if you weren't there for you missed it. So savor this. And savor my sweet Cindy's beautiful sultry dirty voice that's spread all over the album. Go get it. Laugh out loud. Bang your head. Sing along with Steve and bounce in the driver's seat (carefully mind you). It'll make you wanna pass your exit and keep going, shouting to everyone you pass that monkeys are comin outta your ass. They'll probably stare.

Here's the obligatory purchase link:  Feed A Poltz