Owen's Valley (2014). A beautiful day at its end. Taken soon after we escaped being surrounded by a heard of curious cattle. From the sessions for 'Fürst In The Dirt'. Photo Jim Herrington

The 'Fürst In The Dirt' live debut, June 27, 2015 with Bill Driskill, Paul Brewin and Andrew McKeag (2015). Photo Andy King.

Fürst In The Dirt (2015). Art's handmade tribal mask with European glass eyes. Photo Art Brewer.

Fürst In The Dirt (2015). Echo Park, California. Photo Will Von Bolton

Silverlake, California (2015). Photo Will Von Bolton.

Re-writing during the 'Fürst In The Dirt' Sessions at Playground Sound (2014). Photo Stacie Huckeba.

The 'Fürst In The Dirt' 8-track session tapes (2014). Photo Stacie Huckeba.

Cosmic Thug; Justin Collins, Rob Crowell and Adam Landry controlling the room. The boys in the band for 'Fürst In The Dirt' (2014). Photo Stacie Huckeba.

Cindy Wasserman singing 'Love Is A Bomb' during the 'Fürst In The Dirt' sessions, notating the usual last minute lyric changes. (2014). Photo Stacie Huckeba.

Hearing the string section go down on 'Life or Luck' during the 'Fürst In The Dirt' sessions. That's joy on the face (2014). Photo Stacie Huckeba.

Listening to playback off the reels at Playground Sound, Nashville, TN (2014). Photo Stacie Huckeba.

Cutting 'Falter' live. Playground Sound, Nashville TN (2014). Photo Stacie Huckeba.

Cosmic Thug, Nashville, TN (2015). Photo Stacie Huckeba.

Los Angeles, CA (2014). Because a mowhawk is never a bad idea. Photo Teresa Hill.

Wirepony (2009). Otis B, Patrick & Charlie McCree back down to a three piece after son Aaron left the band to head out on his own tour. Photo Andy King

Wirepony (2008) Eddie Glass, Patrick & Otis B in Austin, TX outside the TV studio where we taped a live performance for SXSW. This was the rowdy punk rock version of Wirepony. I loved playing with Eddie Glass. I wish we'd recorded with this lineup. We never did though. Photo Jeff Wiant

Drumming with Steve Poltz & The Cynics (2009). Taken soon after a three month tour with Steve in La Jolla, CA overlooking the ocean. If I had leaned back too far, I'd have been seagull food. I have fond memories of that gig. Photo Andy King

Truckee Brothers in full flight on tour (2007). Photo Stacie Huckeba.

Truckee Brothers live for Mardi Gras at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego (2006). I remember that by the end of this set, our brilliant idea of having a troupe of Mardi Gras dancers we'd seen wandering around the festival join us onstage took on a life of its own. By the time we launched into our finale we became overwhelmed with feathers and costumed women attempting to grind on us while we pounded our guitars trying to finish the show instead of fall down laughing at what each others faces looked like. Yep, beads, flashed boobs and all. It was Mardi Gras! Photo Stacie Huckeba.

Truckee Brothers live at the Casbah, San Diego, CA  (2009). Photo Jeff Wiant

Wirepony in Pioneertown, CA (2008). I had a pair of T.E. Lawrence era goggles. Photographer Nena Anderson had some lipstick. How was I NOT going to have this picture taken? The following year it was used as a promotional ad for Electra Bicycles so it turned out to be a great idea! Photo Nena Anderson

Truckee Brothers (2007).  An acoustic performance which we proceeded to turn into a rock n roll thing which we were well used to doing. I loved that sticker on my guitar. Tells you how I feel about John Wayne. Photo Jeff Wiant

'SPUN' solo album cover photo (1997) for the unreleased Cargo Records album. Yes, I'm giving the English Bird. I was signed to a punk label after all. Photo Jeff Wiant

Pre-gig backstage sometime in 2006. Photo Christina Falk

Truckee Brothers supporting for The Flaming Lips (2008). Photo Jeff Wiant

Sound checking for the Truckee Brothers reunion at the Casbah, San Diego, CA (2014). Photo Andy King

Truckee Brothers (2006). Photo Andy King

Promo shot for Wirepony 'Home On The Strange' album (2006). Photo Frank Lee Drennen

Truckee Brothers reunion (2014). Photo Andy King

Truckee Brothers reunion (2014). Photo Andy King

Truckee Brothers reunion (2014). Steve Poltz, Hoffee and Patrick. Photo Andy King

Drumming with Cindy Lee Berryhill (2010). Photo Greg Friedman

Truckee Brothers dutiful field shot promo pic for the 'Double Happiness' album (2007). Photo Frank Lee Drennen

About to go on air at FM 94/9 with Anya Marina. Photo Greg Friedman

Breakfast at the Columbia Hotel, London (2005). We drank every single glass on that table and more from what I remember. This was the morning after the night we first met Mike Watt of the Minutemen and we were still up. Whiskey does fascinating things to me. It's better that you serve me a good tequila to sip on instead. Photo Greg Friedman

Truckee Brothers & Mike Watt & The Missing Men onstage together (2006). That day Watt was gracious enough to join us for a Truckee bass guitar extravaganza and then returned the favor by having us join the Missing Men for a rollicking version of 'Fun House'. Dreams really do come true. Photo Jeff Wiant

During the sessions for 'Double Happiness' (2006). Photo Jeff Wiant

Truckee Brothers playing a radio show with Brendan Benson (2009). Photo Jeff Wiant

Truckee Brothers promo shoot at CHAOS for 'It Came From The Speakers' (2005). Photo Frank Lee Drennen

Truckee Brothers enlisting friends and dancers to help them close out the San Diego Music Awards (2007). I think there are members of Reeve Oliver, Switchfoot, Louis XIV and others up there. Photo Jeff Wiant

Truckee Brothers at the 12 Bar in London (2005). Our first ever full band London show. Photo Sarah Boyd

Drumming with Cindy Lee Berryhill & The Wigbillies (2010). Photo Greg Friedman

Caught accosting my son and fellow Wirepony member, Aaron Dennis of Tan Sister Radio after the Truckee Brothers performance at the SD Music Awards (2007). Photo Jeff Wiant

Recording at CHAOS (2006). Photo Jeff Wiant

Hoffee jumps while I give the mouth. Pretty common event truth be told. (2005). Photo Jeff Wiant

Home club, Belly Up (2008). Photo Jeff Wiant

Laying down the vocals for Truckee Brothers' 'Kiss My Komodo' off the Double Happiness album. This was the one and only take and Jeff caught it (2007). Photo Jeff Wiant

Truckee Brothers first ever gig with Greg Friedman on bass after he faked his way into the band, replacing a revolving cast of bassists. Casbah, Sand Diego, CA (2006). Photo Jeff Wiant

I'd ripped my favorite shirt on a nail in the wall during the promo shoot for 'It Came From The Speakers' while backed up against the wall. Hoffee is checking the damage and the blood (2005). Photo Frank Lee Drennen

From our promo shoot for the Truckee Brothers' 'Double Happiness' album. Ironic the image vs the name don't you think? The outtakes are even more so. Never to be seen because they are just too disturbing (2007). Photo Frank Lee Drennen

Wirepony promo shot. The intent was to have my eyelids and mouth sewn shut, so we hired a makeup artist and gathered in Art's home studio. This was the test shot which ended up being used as the makeup was unsuccessful and looked fairly fake in the end. Sometimes you gotta try to know it ain't right. Always loved this shot by Art though (2009). Photo Art Brewer

Truckee Brothers (2010). Photo Jeff Wiant

Photo outtake for the 'Spun' album art (1997). Photo Jeff Wiant

'Double Happiness' photo session (2006). Photo Frank Lee Drennen

Waiting outside the gig (2007). Photo Jeff Wiant

Drumming for Cindy Lee Berryhill (2009). Photo Greg Friedman

From the 'Spun' album (1997). Photo Jeff Wiant

Solo (2003). Photo Jeff Wiant

'Spun' recording sessions (1997). Photo JR Getches

Before the gig in Brixton, London (2006). Photo Lex Armstrong

Doing a light spot of reading as one does. Hanging out with my old friend Phil Defalco and his daughter one night, we decided to concoct something wacky out of her toys. Inspiration. Photo Phil Defalco

Truckee Brothers somewhere with our longtime buddy and long suffering archivist Jeff watching. Photo Jeff Wiant

First official Truckee Brothers photo (2005). Shot on film and cross processed for those inquiring minds who want to know. Photo Frank Lee Drennen

With Steve Poltz (2009). Photo Andy King

Wirepony (2009). Onstage with the son Aaron waiting for me to stop gabbing so he could get to playing. Photo Andy King

Truckee Brothers (2006). Photo Stacie Huckeba

Radio session with Truckee Brothers (2009). Photo Jeff Wiant

Truckee Brothers on the road (2008). Photo Frank Lee Drennen

Wirepony (2010). A little photographer's humor. Photo:  Phil Defalco

Wirepony (2010). A little photographer's humor. Photo: Phil Defalco

Having a smoke with my mates (2011). Photo Sanjay Pandya

When we were young. Photo Frank Lee Drennen