Truckee Ghosts in NYC

Taking a break from working on new songs in NYC and I throw iTunes on random. A few songs in it delivers up what I think is some outtake from the Verve or My Morning Jacket or some such epic outfit. Soaring, changing time signatures, seamless left turns in the dynamics and progressions. Turns out it's from Truckee Brothers' last ever session and is being written on the floor as it's being recorded. We churned out about 20 of our best ever ideas in just 3 days in those sessions. Huge epic and close intimate stuff. And in this track I'm hearing everyone is on FIRE!

Thirteen minutes of ceaseless roller coaster bombast. Hoffee's licks are driving and diving like an attacking spitfire and Ott and I are laying down a riff and progression I don't even remember writing, taking left and right turns on a whim. And the engine is Matty playing some of the best fills and dynamics I've ever heard him play (and you know that's saying a lot as my favorite drummer of all time). All of it being written as it's being played with not a note or progression missed. And at the end...I seem to shout "Matty on guitar!". Well then I'm more of a bad ass drummer than I even thought if that's the case and Matty should have been on guitar the whole time! And it's possible. I remember coffee and whisky. Movies, food and song after song spilling out of us. I even remember switching instruments frequently. All I can say is...fuck, I guess we were really that good.

Long live the TBs. - Patrick

Patrick DennisComment