New Video to Support Cindy Wasserman Fund

A video for ‘Because Of You' from Patrick Dennis' 'Fürst In The Dirt' album debuts today, December 30th.  It is being released in support of the Cindy Wasserman Sweet Relief Musicians Fund which has been launched to help his wife and fellow singer, Cindy Wasserman, cover a portion of the mounting costs of her breast cancer treatment. The video was directed by Patrick as a sort of “sister/cousin” to the ‘Kissing The Beast’ video which Cindy appeared in as "the beast" and again shooting on Super8 film with Cindy appearing in the beginning of the clip. Featured on the track are the Fürst band Adam Landry, Justin Collins & Rob Crowell with special guest old Truckee Brothers band mate Matt Lynott on drums this time.

"This one's for my dear sweet wife, Cindy, who's finally home from her heavy touring schedule in 2015 and now hard at work learning how to heal from her breast cancer. ‘Because Of You’ was the first song that I wrote in Nashville for the 'Fürst In The Dirt' record and since the song is about her it seems a fitting way to add my muscle to the public fund-raising that is happening in her name. We’ve been learning an awful lot about this disease since her diagnosis. Some days it can feel overwhelming, but Cindy is such a spark of positivity and determination through all of this, and so many people have rallied to encourage and educate us on how to heal from this that I am inspired and very confident that she will fully heal. 

The Sweet Relief organization has been incredibly supportive in setting up the Cindy Wasserman Sweet Relief Musicians Fund to help her cover some of the medical expenses already pouring in due to the process of dealing with the cancer treatments. Heck, even the cancer diagnosis is expensive and so little, we are finding, is covered by our insurance. My buddies from Cosmic Thug, Adam Landry and Justin Collins as well as Rob Crowell (Deer Tick) and my old Truckee Brothers bandmate Matt Lynott (The White Buffalo) are all on the track too and helping to spread the word about Cindy’s Fund, so I hope that you'll be able to share both the video and Cindy’s Sweet Relief link with your people, whether you have an email list or social media followers on the interwebs. Every little bit helps her! Thank you for all your support through this! 

She will heal from this with love and commitment from all of us and Because of You! I need her sticking around for the next 40 years or so to keep me on track. A very very Happy 2016 to everyone and thank you for all the amazing support so far. We can't thank you enough!"

- Patrick xo

Please take a minute to learn more about Cindy’s cancer diagnosis and the Cindy Wasserman Sweet Relief Musicians Fund:

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