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Cover Art for 'Fürst In The Dirt' by P Jay Fidler

I have to call out the cover art for the new album because it was painted by my friend and renowned artist, P Jay Fidler. I love his images and the complex stories they tell and this cover in particular. The image is hand hewn, organic and a little twisted just like the music on the record and I'm exceptionally proud that he wanted to do it. P Jay and I met a number of years ago when the Truckee Brothers approached him to do the cover for our 'Double Happiness" album, which I still think is a classic cover, and we became fast buddies as a result. It's great to have a member of the extended family involved in the visuals like this.

And I'm very excited that the result is going to end up on 12" vinyl jackets and printed by one of the best print houses in the business! I can't wait to share it with you on June 19th. 

- Patrick